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The HaRoCo-1 showcases various emotive expressions. It is designed to accompany a user through the day, providing positive and negative feedback to tune them to a requested schedule or circadian rhythm.



HaRoCo-12 is currently in development. An upgrade from the HaRoCo-1, HaRoCo-12 is designed to assist with general emotional support as well as circadian cycling and sleep, while also providing pleasing tactile elements that assist in its functions.


Our Philosophy: Emotive Tech, For Good

We believe in well-designed interfaces that create positive emotional effects. We believe in careful, responsible, custom design that maximizes benefit to the user and can be easily adjusted as needs change. Technology should connect us and balance us emotionally, not isolate us. Your Happy Robot is meant to bring you closer to yourself and to other humans you care about.

We're currently working at the Supplyframe DesignLab to prototype the HaRoCo-12. Follow our adventure on Hackaday, or find us on Twitter.


Make a new friend. Literally.

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