Emotive Robots for a better you

The Happy Robot Company builds custom robots that help you become your best self.

More than automatic.

Our seamless robot designs are based off of an understanding of biological, psychological, and social health, and are tuned individually for each user’s unique set of emotions, goals, and needs. Your new Happy Robot is customized for you, with a focus on emotional support for healthier living.


Sleep better. Do more.

HaRoCo robots use emotive encouragement to help you accomplish your goals. Do you want to sleep better? Eat better? Exercise? Study? Your HaRoCo robot is tuned to your specific needs and emotional nuances.


Expression Engine

Robots like the HaRoCo-1 use emotive expressions to provide emotional feedback to help you reinforce goals. Plus, it's adorable!

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Make a new friend. Literally.

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